MIcrosoft Windows 10 bikin masalah lagi Windows 10 KB4556799

Software | 16 May 2020

2020 Mei
Windows 10 KB4556799 bikin masalah.
Beberapa penguna setelah update Windows 10, mengalami blue screen, layar putih berkedip, huruf juga diganti, dan suara masalah.
Ada yang mengatakan sebaiknya mematikan Windows auto update, dan tunggu sampai semua selesai.

Patch Windows 10 KB4556799 untuk perbaikan bila mengalami masalah, dapat dilihat bagian update dan di Uninstall.

2020 Januari
Update Intel Microcode

This article describes the latest microcode updates from Intel. We recommend that you reinstall this update to make sure you have the latest updates.

Recent Changes

  • Revised 1/30/2020: Intel Microcode updates for the following products (CPUs) have been revised.
    • Denverton
    • Sandy Bridge
    • Sandy Bridge E, EP
    • Valley View
    • Whiskey Lake U
  • Revised 8/29/2019:  Intel Microcode updates for the following products (CPUs) have been revised.
    • Apollo Lake1
    • Cherry View
    • Gemini Lake1
    • Haswell Desktop
    • Haswell M
    • Haswell Xeon E3
    • Valley View

Intel recently announced that it has completed software validations and has started to release new microcode for current CPU platforms in reaction to the following threats:

  • CVE-2019-11091 – Microarchitectural Data Sampling Uncacheable Memory (MDSUM)
  • CVE-2018-12126 – Microarchitectural Store Buffer Data Sampling (MSBDS)?
  • CVE-2018-12127 – Microarchitectural Load Port Data Sampling (MLPDS)
  • CVE-2018-12130 – Microarchitectural Fill Buffer Data Sampling (MFBDS)

 KB4497165: Intel microcode updates for Windows Server, version 1903, Windows 10, version 1903, and Windows Server, version 1909
 KB4494174: Intel microcode updates for Windows Server version 1809 and Windows 10, version 1809
 KB4494452: Intel microcode updates for Windows 10, version 1709
 KB4494453: Intel microcode updates for Windows 10, version 1703
 KB4494175: Intel microcode updates for Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10, version 1607
 KB4494454: Intel microcode updates for Windows 10, version 1507

2019 September

Update Microsoft Windows 10 September 26, 2019—KB4517211 (OS Build 18362.387)

Addresses an issue that causes vertical fonts to be larger when printing to a PostScript printer.
Addresses an issue that causes printing from 32-bit applications to fail with an "Access is denied" error when you select Run as different user for the application.
Addresses an issue that may give write access to a removable USB disk when a user switches from a privileged user to an unprivileged user.
Addresses an issue that causes the lsass.exe service to stop working, which causes the system to shut down. This occurs when migrating Data Protection API (DPAPI) credentials using dpapimig.exe with the -domain option.
Addresses an issue that gives a Windows Hello for Business user two certificates for authentication during certificate renewal instead of one certificate.
Addresses an issue that prevents a web browser from connecting securely to Windows Server. This occurs when using a client authentication certificate, such as a SHA512-based certificate, and the web browser does not support a signature algorithm that matches the certificate.
Addresses an issue that may cause authentication to fail for certificate-based authentication when the certificate authentication includes a cname as part of the pre-authentication request.
Addresses an issue that prevents a Microsoft App-V application from opening and displays a network failure error. This issue occurs under certain circumstances, such as when a system's battery is low or there is an unexpected power failure.
Addresses an issue that causes a query request of the Win32_LogonSession class for the StartTime to display the value of the epoch (for example, 1-1-1601 1:00:00) instead of the actual logon time. This occurs when a user who isn't an administrator creates the query request.
Addresses an issue that causes File Explorer to show a regular file icon for files marked with FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE instead of the expected placeholder icon.
Addresses an issue with intermittent virtual private network (VPN) disconnections on cellular networks.
Addresses an issue that may cause audio playback and recording to fail when connecting to a remote virtual machine.
Addresses an issue with MSCTF.dll that causes an application to stop working.
Addresses an issue with the input and display of special characters that occurs when an app uses imm32.dll.
Addresses an issue with resizing Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications; they may not respond to being resized using the mouse until you release the mouse button.
Addresses an issue that may prevent older systems from upgrading to the latest operating systems because of an error in the display driver of older versions.
Addresses an issue that may cause the screen color to turn white on laptops that have built-in, high-dynamic-range (HDR) screens.
Addresses an issue with converting an application from 32-bit to 64-bit architecture.
Addresses an issue that prevents you from running the Active Directory Diagnostics Data Collector Set from the Performance Monitor for Domain Controllers. This causes the Data Collector Set name to appear empty. Running the Active Directory Diagnostics Data Collector Set returns the error, "The system cannot find the file specified." Event ID 1023 is logged with the source as Perflib and the following messages:
  • "Windows cannot load the extensible counter DLL "C:\Windows\system32\ntdsperf.dll."
  • "The specified module could not be found."

Addresses an issue that causes audio in certain games to be quieter or different than expected.
Addresses an issue that prevents Microsoft App-V from handling a parameter of the CreateProcess API properly, which prevents the virtual process from opening.
Addresses an issue in which the maximum central processing unit (CPU) performance is not enabled when you select the High Performance power plan.
Provides a way to configure the read buffer size. This allows you to address an issue with slow upload times when uploading a file to a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) share using the Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) feature.
Addresses an issue that causes a device to stop working when opening files from a network drive that has client-side caching enabled. This issue may occur when the device has certain third-party antivirus products installed and the drive is backed by a server that is not a Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) server. The error code is, "0x27 RDR_FILE_SYSTEM."
Facilitates the configuration of devices that are managed by mobile device management (MDM) settings, which are created by ADMX ingestion. You can update a previously ingested ADMX file with a newer version, and you are not required to delete the previous ADMX file. This solution applies to all applications that use ADMX ingestion.

September 2019 KB4512941

Patch KB4512941 yang dirilis Agustus lalu membuat masalah CPU naik khususnya dengan Cortana.
Beruntung Microsoft telah memperbaiki.

Dampak patch Microsoft KB4512941 tidak hanya meningkatkan kinerja CPU.
Juga berdampak dengan jaringan WIFI LAN dan audio.

Notebook seperti NEC dengan Intel Centrino 6205/6235 dan Broacomm 802.11ac card terkena dampak dari erro patch.

Ketika Microsoft memperbaiki 1 patch, masalahnya muncul 2 masalah berbeda.

Bila masalah terjadi. penguna Windows 10 dapat memperbaiki untuk sementara
Dengan setting di Device Manager, perangkat yang bermasalah di Disable dan Reenable kembali.

Microsoft WIndows 10 mendapat patch KB4505903 pada 26 Juli 2019.

Ternyata patch membuat masalah. WIndows 10 tidak dapat terhubung ke Bluetooth.

Perangkat Bluetooth tidak dapat terhubung ke computer. Seperti perangkat Bluetooth speaker, terhubung tapi suara speaker menjadi kacau.

Patch KB4505903 diberikan untuk Windows 10 versi 1903. Dan sudah di informasikan dengan koneksi speaker mungkin akan masalah.

July 26, 2019—KB4505903 (OS Build 18362.267)

Applies to: Windows 10, version 1903Windows Server version 1903

    Updates an issue that prevents Windows Hello face recognition from working after you restart a device.
    Allows Microsoft Edge to print PDF documents that contain landscape and portrait-oriented pages correctly.
    Allows Microsoft Edge to open PDFs that are configured to be opened only once correctly.
    Updates an issue that may display colors incorrectly when viewing an image on 10-bit display panels.
    Updates an issue that may prevent you from changing the display brightness after your device resumes from Sleep or Hibernation.
    Updates an issue that may prevent a device from going to Sleep mode when some applications that rely on Bluetooth are open.
    Improves Bluetooth audio quality when using certain audio profiles for extended periods.
    Improves compatibility with the Window-Eyes screen reader application.
    Ensures that the Start menu works as expected when new users sign in to Windows.

    Updates the Windows Ink Workspace by simplifying the menu and adding direct integration with the Microsoft Whiteboard app for a richer collaboration experience.

3 masalah yang muncul di Windows 10 KB4505903 ke koneksi Bluetooth

    A Bluetooth speaker can’t connect to the computer. Bluetooth tidak terhubung
    A Bluetooth speaker can connect to the computer. However, the speaker output sounds noisy (bad quality). Suara speaker Bluetooth buruk
    A Bluetooth speaker can connect to the computer. However, the sound is generated by the internal speaker instead of the Bluetooth device.

Micorosoft memberikan fix sementara sehubungan patch KB4505903 Windows 10.

Masuk ke Command Prompt (status Admin)

sfc /scannow

Tunggu beberapa menit, setelah itu Restart computer

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