Aplikasi Google Earth berbeda dengan Google Maps. Google Earth memiliki tampilan Bumi, dengan gambar 3D, atau menghitung jarak dan luas, gedung 3D, merekam HD video untuk virtual flight dan lainnya.

Banyak fitur di Google Earth yang lebih lengkap tapi berbeda dengan fitur Google Maps yang dipakai untuk navigasi.

Peta 3D Google Earth 9 update
  • Choose your own adventure with Voyager – Experience interactive stories from around the world.
  • Discover new places with Knowledge Cards – Flip through cards and learn about local landmarks.
  • Orbit the world in 3D – Use the new 3D button to tilt the map.
  • Snap and share a Postcard – Capture snapshots of locations and share them with your friends

Google Earth terbaru dirilis versi 7. Bekerja untuk Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 dan Mac OS X 10.6.
Google Earth Pro

errain imagery tiles missing in some locations.

  • Tour audio recording and playback not working.
  • Tours with recorded audio not correctly saved.
  • Crash when loading large KML data files.
  • Drag-and-drop files into application window not working.
  • Can’t open KMZ files from a path with “.kmz” in it.
  • Skyscrapers cut off when saving high-resolution images.
  • COM registration not performed by Windows installer.
  • Some images embedded in KML don’t load.
  • Anisotropic filtering option has no effect.
  • Startup Tips sometimes incorrectly positioned.
  • Labels in Arabic were often cut off.


  • Earth “Free” and Pro have now been combined into a single product, Earth Pro.
  • Windows: Windows 7 is earliest version supported.
  • Windows: new installs default to OpenGL mode.
  • Mac: Mac OS 10.8 is earliest version supported.
  • Mac: application is now 64-bit.
  • Mac: antialiasing option is now available.
  • High-resolution (“high-DPI”, “Retina”) display support.
  • New Repair Tool to reset cache data, settings, and fix application startup issues.
  • Updated Movie Maker tool with new video formats.
  • Improved image saving, printing and movie making performance.
  • Web Inspector tool available for KML balloons.
  • HTML5 videos such as YouTube embeds work in placemark balloons.
  • Updated and improved internal Web browser and security.

Download www.google.com/earth

Tampilan gambar di Google Earth untuk gedung Indonesia kurang lengkap dibanding peta 3D gedung yang ditampilkan untuk kota Amerika.

Google Earth Pro 3D untuk gedung Jakarta

Google Earth Pro memiliki opsi untuk merekam video

Contoh video dibawah dibuat dari Google Earth Pro Movie Maker

November 2016
Google Earth VR. Bila anda memiliki peralatan  fitur kacamata VR. Google Earth VR dapat dilihat dengan luas 196 juta mil persegi dari planet bumi.  Seperti melihat sungai Amazon, kota Manhattan, Grand Canyon atau keramaian di kota Roma. Google Earth VR dapat dinikmati dengan perangkat HTC Vive

Google Earth VR

April 2017
Google Earth akan renovasi tepat pada 18 April 2017 nanti. Atau 4 hari sebelum hari bumi tanggal 22 April 2017.

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