Adobe menambahkan dan perbaikan untuk Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 versi desktop. Perbaikan pada sistem layer, fitur baru efek Blur, dan seleksi tool untuk fokus, serta tambahan software 3D printer.

Antara Adobe Lightroom dan Photoshop, keduanya adalah kombinasi software untuk editing foto. Adobe Lightroom 5,5 misalnya sudah dirilis bulan ini. Masih menunggu Adobe merilis Photoshop 2014.

Fitur lain seperti instan melihat preview font langsung ketika memilih huruf, pembantu pengaris baru yang tampil dilayar termasuk jarak antar gambar, membuang bagian foto yang tidak di inginkan dengan fitur Contens Aware

Informasi fitur Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 bisa dilihat demo via Youtube dibawah ini.

Update Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.1 (November 2015 release)
Artboard improvements

Improvements to Creative Cloud Libraries integration
Design Space (Preview) enhancements
Oil paint filter
Touch workspace and gestures
Use 3D models in 2D designs
Start and Recent Files workspaces
Enhanced export experience
Customizable toolbar
Quickly find the right font
Deeper integration with Adobe Stock
Modifier Keys palette
3D imaging
Import and export SVG files
Camera Raw | New features
Other enhancements
What's changed

Update Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.11 Update (12/14/2015)

12/14/2015 – Today we released Photoshop CC 2015 update version 2015.1.1 (Mac and Windows) to address several workflow issues. Info dari Blog Adobe

Customer reported issues resolved

  1. Liquify lightens result on 16 bit/channel images
  2. Freeze/crash using Liquify in CPU mode
  3. Drag and drop from AI to PS no longer create Smart Object (Mac only)
  4. Using control/command to switch to Move tool invokes auto-select
  5. Align to selection doesn’t work with Artboards
  6. Running Photoshop on 5K monitor at 200% results in black bar across the top of the app
  7. Double clicking to open a document results in workspace set to Start instead of Essentials
  8. Fixed top crashing issues submitted via crash reporter

Download dari ProdesignTool untuk update Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Update Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 Juni 2016
Fitur baru : Face Aware Liquify, Content Aware Crop, Match Font, Alternate Glyphs, Seleck and Mask Space.
Fitur baru di Video : Lib Panel, Everyday Task, Artboard, Export,
Informasi update -

Update Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 ver18 November 2016
App Search, Tighter Adobe XD, Stock template, 3D, Enhanced Properties Panel, mendukung SVG font, Select and Mask.
Fitur dihilangkan, Design Space (preview), keyboard CTRL+F harus diatur dari Keyboard Shortcut. Adobe

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.1 Build 18.0.1 (April 2017) Update
Program error when converting to bitmap using pattern dither with a selection
Performance issues with TrueType and OpenType fonts
Blank menu entry in the context menu for 3D type
3D show or hide polygons issue with Reveal All
Layer groups with changed blend modes corrupt files
Touch bar sliders are too big
Can't write file when you have group ACL for the file on macOS
Numerous other issues fixed in the areas of 3D, Actions, Search, Learn Panel, Performance, Touch Bar, and Type

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.1.1  (Mei 2017) Update
Scratch Disk size error
Nik Dfine 2 freezes on macOS Sierra
Error: Can't save changes to the Adobe Photoshop document before quitting
he last-used grouped tool is forgotten after using the Move tool (V)
AppleScript: Open options error while launching Photoshop
Patches for some vulnerabilities and various other bug fixes

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Build 19.1.0 (Januari 2018) Update
Select Subject
Improved support for high-res monitors
Select and Mask improvements
Better integration with Microsoft Dial

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Build 19.1.2 (Maret 2018) Update
The Print dialog box settings revert to default on launch.
PNG images open with distortion.
Unlinked layer mask does not resize with image.
Wrong selection with a hidden layer in clipping mask.
Smallest swatch size fills large space on screen.
Mac stylus interaction with panels gets stuck in down state.
Legacy smoothing re-enables on launch when disabled.

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