Perusahaan Jerman Magix telah mengambil beberapa pengembangan software Sony, dari video dan sound editing.

Software Vegas salah satu aplikasi untuk editing video dan audio.

Magix Vegas Pro 15 video editing
Native editing video HD, 2K dan 4K XAVC, mendukung XAVC dan XAVC 5.

Dukungan Stereoscopic 3D dengan Vegas Pro 2D.

Perbaikan untuk perangkat baru, Samsung video, Xiaomi camera dan DJI Spark. Fitur LUT mendapat update akseleerasi dari GPU

-Stereo tracks from certain file types which were improperly imported as multiple mono tracks are now properly imported to stereo tracks
-Audio from Xiaomi Yi 4k or greater files now plays correctly with so4compoundplug
-DJI Spark files with variable frame rate files are now properly supported
-Fixed an issue with not being able to delete media file used in Vegas Project even after closing project
-Video from the Samsung Galaxy S8 is now properly decoded through Intel QSV decoder
-Video event buttons no longer disappear when entering expanded edit mode or expanded track mode
-The Active Take Information (and other event text items) no longer react to the Button Highlight Color preference

-The audio in ProRess 422 files created through Convergent Design hardware is now handled properly
-XAVC now properly shows up as an option in the Prerender Video format list
-The Render As dialog's Name field no longer locks after rending to a Panasonic P2 file
-Fixed a crash that could occur on exiting the software when the project uses interlaced files and you close it without saving
-AVC files created by MP4 Creator no longer crash when not using the QSV decoder
-Audio from HEVC video shot with the GoPro HERO6 is now properly supported
-Improved stability of the Defocus and Starburst effects when running with an AMD GPU
-Video created with unusual aspect ratios are now properly handled
-AVC/PCM audio files no longer distort during playback
-AVC/MOV 29.97 files from the iPhone 6s are now handled properly
-The LUT FIlter is now handled properly in 8bit pixel format projects with GPU acceleration of video processing set to off
-The Border plug-in now properly recognizes when a frame size has been changed with GPU active
-It is now possible to render 10-bit HEVC files using SkyLake or older processors with QSV

Magix Vegas dibagi 3 paket - Magix Vegas Pro Edit, Vegas Pro dan Vegas Pro Suite.
Vegas Pro Edit Aplikasi standar
Vegas Pro tambahan bundle NewBlueFX Filter 5 Ultimate dan HitFIlm Movie Essential
Vegas Pro Suite tambahan bundle Boris FX Sapphire Render Unit dan NewBlue Titler Pro 5

Video foto editing Magix Sony Vegas Pro

Beberapa fitur baru Magix Vegas Pro 15

Vegas Pro 15 tampil lebih baik dan custom. Tetapi lebih berat untuk grafik, dibanding Vegas Pro 14.

Walau disain software Magix Vegas Pro lebih memudahkan, terlihat ditujukan untuk penguna profesional yang membutukan navigasi proses editing.

Fitur LUT plugin Magic Vegas Pro 15 memberikan efek warna seperti film, cinema yang dibuat sendiri. Mengunakan aplikasi 3D LUT Generator, Adobe Photoshop dan Vegas Pro 15.

Magix Vegas Pro membutuhkan perangkat

- Operating system: Microsoft® Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit) or Windows 10 (64-bit)
- Processor: 2 GHz (multicore or multiprocessor recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D; 8 cores recommended for 4K)
-  RAM: 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended; 16 GB recommended for 4K)
- Hard drive space: 500 MB hard drive space for program installation; Solid-state disk (SSD) or high-speed multi-disk RAID for 4K media
- Graphics card: Supported NVIDIA®, AMD/ATI® or Intel® GPU with at least 512 MB of memory (1 GB recommended for 4K and GPU-accelerated video processing)

Akelerassi GPU

-Nvidia, minimum 1GB VRAM untuk 4K, mendukung NVEnc seperti model GeForce 600+ atau Quadro K, M dan P
-AMD, untuk proses Open CL GPU versi Radeon HD 57xx+, atau FirePro GPU
-Intel Skylake atau lebih tinggi untuk QSV 8 bit HEVC/AVC decoding dan encoding. Intel Kabylake + untuk QSV accelerasi 10bit HEVC Encoding dan Decoding.

Update Magix Vegas Pro 15.0.384 x64 Juli 2018

Changed Wording MAGIX ProRes to MAGIX Intermediate Codec
Fixed the installation of a file which helps direct media to be read by the correct plugins

Update Magix Vegas Pro 15.0.331 x64 Feb 2018

-Updated support for RED Epic Dragon, Raven, Scarlet, and Weapon files
-The LUT OFX filter now taps into graphics card GPU for faster performance

-Reduce memory footprint of so4compoundplug and improve load performance for very large projects
-Preview framerate during crossfades when using the So4 Compound Reader has been improved

Update Magix Vegas Pro 15.0.261 x64 Okt 2017


    The Picture-In-Picture OFX plug-in now takes advantage of GPU acceleration
    The Crop OFX plug-in now takes advantage of GPU acceleration
    It is now possible to enter a custom frame rate for the MAGIX AVC/AAC render format
    More noticeable default highlight color for buttons in the active state
    User definable custom highlight color for buttons in the active state

Update Magix Vegas Pro 14 Build 252 - April 2017
-Custom HEVC, MainConcept AVC/AAC, and ProRes render templates now work properly again
-The Film Effects plug-in was found to expose unwanted transparency in 8-bit Pixel format mode. The plug-in now works properly and no longer introduces inadvertent transparency

New Features  Sony Vegas Pro versi 14.0 - Build 244 - Maret 2017

-10-bit rendering has been added for HEVC files along with new 10-bit render templates and the ability to create custom 10-bit render templates
-A "News Feed" function that communicates important information (e.g. update build announcements) now appears upon application start up whenever a new message is avaialble. This replaces the Net Notify system used in previous versions of the software
-We've created a new 4K render template for MainConcept AVC/AAC file format and exposed a new 4K frame size preset to make it even easier to create 4K files

Bug Fix

-Investigated a suspected bug where 4K ProRes files from a Blackmagix Designs camera has different gamma values in VEGAS Pro 14 compared to VEGAS Pro 13. This has been determined to be caused by a known flaw in the Apple QuickTime for Windows add-on software that was required to read these files in version 13. Our native reader in version 14 does not have this flaw and its output is correct
-Custom window layouts that use tabs docked to the top of windows are now properly saved and persist through an application restart
-Fixed a problem that could cause a crash under certain circumstances when exporting a project as a VEGAS Pro archive

Notable fixes/changes Sony Vegas Pro versi 14.0 - Des 2016

-Added ProRes rendering options for 24p, 30p and 60p/I framerate.
-Adjusted the horizontal tolerance for Trimmer window hover scrub to make it easier to add the selected area to your timeline without inadvertently establishing a new selection.

Bug fixes

-Fixed stutter / judder issues playing back 23.97/29.97/59.94 frame rate ProRes / HEVC files
-Fixed video noise issues related to deep blacks / whites with ProRes files
In the Color Curves plug-in, the channel settings now persist when you close and reopen the Video Event FX dialog box
-In the Color Curves plug-in, the Show all Channels checkbox now defaults to selected

Sony Vegas Pro 14 render 4K dari HEVC

Notable fixes/changes version 13.0 (build 444)
  • Added templates for rendering XAVC long-GOP files.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented closed captions from displaying in the Video Preview window.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented shot marks from being read in 4K XAVC clips.

Notable fixes/changes in version 13.0 (build 373)
  • Vegas Pro 13 can now open Movie Studio 13 project files.
  • Added support for rendering XAVC HD (1920x1080) video in 50i and 59.94i formats.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vegas Pro to crash during startup on some machines that have JRiver Media Center installed.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vegas Pro to crash when using File > Import > Import Media from Project.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vegas Pro to crash on some computers when expanding the HitFilm plug-ins in the Video FX window.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vegas Pro to crash when dragging some audio plug-ins from the Plug-In Manager to audio events.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Vegas Pro to hang when playing some H.264 MP4 video files.
  • Fixed a bug that could create a loop region when attempting to multiselect locked events using shift-click.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Project Media window to scroll unexpectedly when right-clicking an event and choosing Select in Project Media List.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented timecode from being read for Panasonic P2 clips that span multiple files.

Info dari Magix Vegas

Dibawah contoh dari hasil edit video dari Sony Vegas Pro.

Hasil editing dari camera dengan foto Timelapse dan final di edit dengan Sony Vegas Pro.