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Google Play BBM Februari 2017

Dibawah ini perubahan BBM untuk Android dan iPhone. Perubahan pada tampilan UI aplikasi.

  • Updated icons for Chats, Contacts, Feeds, Contacts and Discover simplify the main navigation menu
  • Discover icon now appears on the main navigation menu
  • BBM Channels moved from main navigation to BBM Discover screen
  • User profile picture, PIN and other information on your settings is now on the “Me” menu
  • Mute conversations by swiping left on items in your chat list—a new feature
  • Friend requests now appear on the Contacts tab
  • Group chat notifications now include name of group members, as well as group name
  • Users on both iOS and Android will see a combined view of Groups and multi-person chats,

Tampilan Blackberry Messenger baru

BBM Share dan game Oktober 2016
BBM memberikan update opsi share dari BBM Feeds. Seperti share foto dan video ke Feed.
Penguna BBM di Indonesia bahkan mendapat BBC Game Center dan terhubung ke teman.
Resminya diberikan pada 1 November, disusul game baru beberapa minggu kemudian.

BBM privacy April 2016

BBM Privacy dengan fitur Retract atau menarik pesan kembali sudah diberikan ke seluruh penguna BBM. Layanan tersebut awalnya diberikan untuk BBM Subscription. Blog BBM

Setelah BBM lama tidak di update. BBM Beta Video akan tampil, sementara masih di coba untuk user Amerika dan Kanada. Diberikan untuk Android dan iOS smartphone
Dibutuhkan OS Android 4.4 (Kit Kat), IOS 8+ dan diberikan ke semua penguna BBM dalam beberapa bulan kedepan

Fitur yang diberikan di BBM baru
Menarik pesan atau berdasarkan waktu.
Memforward pesan chat ke orang lain
Perbaikan bug

Di OS Android
Pilihan Mute untuk member lain.
Scroll semua gambar dan share
Bekerja di OS Android 6
Perbaikan BBM suara VOIP
Mengaktifkan Save Picture ketika chatting

Update 2 Oktober 2015
BBM Android di disain ulang dengan Material Design. Lebih berwarna, lebih mudah terlihat dan pemakaian lebih mudah.
Fitur lain yang diupdate

-An all-new look and feel inspired by Material Design
-Private Chat – In a private chat, contact names and new message notifications are hidden, and the chat will self-destruct after being inactive for a short time. Perfect for the kind of conversations you would usually have in-person.
-Edit Message – retract, edit, and send again
-Hide unused sticker packs
-Quote Message – Reference and reply to a previous message in chat
-Update your status from the feed
-Tablet support
-Landscape support
-Timed Messages:  Set how long contacts have access to messages and pictures shared in a chat

Desember 2014
Update 31 Oktober 2014 (BBM Gingerbread tidak mendapat update)
BBM 2.6 disiapkan untuk OS Android Lollipop dan tampilan Landscape. Memindahkan foto ke SD, timer picture, kirim sticker ke group
Blog BB

BBM mengikuti tambahan disain Snapchat walau akan tampil versi Beta. BBM 2.5 akan hadir di Android, iOS dan BB10 dengan fitur Privasi. Terdapat timer atau pengatur waktu. Data atau pesan masuk bisa di hapus secara otomatis setelah pesan dibuka. Diatur dari 1-15 detik. Dan menarik pesan yang salah tapi terlanjur dikirim

Download BBM untuk Windows Phone Beta

31 Juli 2014 - BBM Windows Phone Beta
Download BBM Windows Phone

BBM Windows Phone Beta, 11MB, untuk Windows Phone 8 dan 8.1

Apakah BBM bisa di install ke tablet Android, dijawab bisa. Dengan cara mendownload BBM dan di install langsung ke tablet.
Dibawah ini cara install BBM ke Tablet Android

Cara install BBM di tablet seperti menginstall di smartphone dengan versi download seperti dibawah ini. Cara install BBM di tablet dijelaskan di halaman selanjutnya (versi sebelumnya dari BBM versi download)

Perbedaan BBM Android 2.3 dengan BBM Android 4+, ada fitur tidak tidak tersedia seperti informasi dibawah ini.

• BBM is always on and always connected – no app to open
• Know when messages have been delivered (D’s) and read (R’s)
Say ‘hello’ with BBM Voice – free voice calling between BBM Contacts*
• Quickly share photos, files, documents, voice notes and more
Allow contacts to view your location live on a map, powered by Glympse*
• See when contacts are responding to your message
• Emoticons for every mood and emotion let you express yourself

BBM lets you protect your privacy. You control it:
• You chose how to share your information - BBM uses PINs instead of phone numbers or email addresses so that it's more private, and you always control who can contact you
• You chose your contacts – 2-way opt-in means you have control over who is able to message you
Chat and Share with many at once:
• Groups – BBM groups help you share pictures, lists, and appointments with group members. You can even be in a group with people who aren't part of your own BBM contact list.
• Multi-person chats – Invite multiple contacts to have a chat together.
• Broadcast messages – Send a message to multiple BBM contacts at one time.

BBM Channels: Join conversations happening now about the things you love.*
• Create a new channel to share your thoughts, ideas and passions.
• Subscribe to an existing BBM channel to join chats with others who share your interests.
Create your own BBM profile:
• Post a profile picture using images, pictures or even animated pictures (GIFs).
• Update your status to let people know what you’re up to or how you fee

* note: features not available on Android smartphones running 2.3.x (Gingerbread)

BBM Android Froyo / Android 2.2 belum diberikan oleh Blackberry