Magic Lantern Canon SL1 dan EOS 700D

Kategori : Digital | Date : 17 June 2013
Firmware Magic Lantern sudah menambah daftar 2 camera Canon. EOS 700D dan EOS 100D atau Rebel SL1 bisa dipasang firmware tersebut.

We can confirm now, that ML will run on the 700D/100D (aka T5i/SL1).
RAW conversion with the EyeFrame Converter for use of the footage in Resolve/After Effects without complicated workflows (, or import it DIRECTLY into Premiere Pro and After Effects with a plugin (!
Auto ETTR, a feature that is useful to anyone who shoots RAW, because it will expose the feature just so that no highlights get clipped, and thereby a maximum of dynamic range is achieved, is being worked on continuously.

Please stay tuned for a stable release; we want everything to be working perfectly. In the mean-time, feel free to make your own Magic Lantern – HOW? you may ask. Well, here’s a video:
Alternatively you can use pre-built versions from If you need help with any of that, the forum community will probably have explained common issues already, and if you’re sure, the issue has not been raised, yet – feel free to ask!

Please bear in mind, that everything you do is on your own risk, and we’re still aiming to release a full working version for all of you, once it works for all of you, that is.

Also, we’re very happy that the community and all of you are so supportive, help with the development of ML and plugins for your programs, so

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Berita terkait
Magic Lantern akhirnya menemukan disain OS Canon. Mereka menganti sistem camera dengan disain mereka sendiri. Tim Magic Lantern dikenal sebagai tukang oprek OS camera Canon. Beberapa fitur camera DSLR diutak utik sesuai kebutuhan penguna.

Canon 50D kembali ramai dibicarakan, walau sudah berumur 5 tahun lalu. Camera ini bisa di inject firmware Magic Lantern. Update Canon 5D MkIII dapat merekam 4K

Camera Canon mendapat firmware Magic Lantern, fitur camera dimodifikasi untuk mengambil video dalam format RAW. Setelah Canon, muncul tim hacker Nikon. Lagi lagi mengacak acak firmware Nikon untuk dipublikasi ke masyarakat. Lalu siapa tim Nikon Hacker Project

Video dibawah ini diambil dari camera Canon 7D, tetapi sudah di modifikasi dengan firmware Magic Lantern. Menurut pembuatnya, cameranya tetap bisa mengambil 40 foto dalam waktu 2 detik. Mengunakan memory card Transcend 64GB 400x.

Magic Lantern adalah firmware untuk camera Canon DSLR. Firmware tersebut memiliki kemampuan pengolah gambar lebih bagus dibanding firmware asli.

Canon 700D atau Rebel T5i akan mengantikan T4i / Canon 650D. Masalahnya apa yang membedakan di kedua produk itu. Sebuah toko camera di Alberta Kanada  membuat review paling jujur.

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