Samsung Kies untuk koneksi PC dan smartphone, sinkronisasi data sampai untuk update OS Android.

Fungsi Samsung Kies
Non-member downloads. Anyone can download free apps. Members and non-members.
• Wish List. Save your favourite apps to download when you’re ready.
• Easy Payment. Save your payment details in your Samsung Apps profile for faster purchases in the future.
• Smart Display. Set your phone to only view apps that run on your handset.
• My Downloads. See all of your past purchases and downloads. Download them again if you need to.
• Quick Search. Search by keyword to get results listed in order of popularity.

Connect Wirelessly
For added convenience, you can connect your device, and sync your content, via Wi-Fi.
* Please note, this feature is available for supported models only. Functionality is limited when device connected to Kies via Wi-Fi (compared to connection via USB)

Keep your mobile up to date.
When you connect your mobile device to Kies via a USB cable, you will be automatically notified of any updates to your device firmware that are available.

Sync contacts with Outlook or Google, Yahoo
Add and edit contact of mobile on Kies conveniently. Also, sync contacts with those of Outlook, Google or Yahoo.

Enrich your life with music wherever you are.
Make playlists and sync content between your mobile device and PC. Carry your favourite music with everywhere with you.

Transfer your photos & videos to your PC.
Save those precious moments to your PC using Kies.

Samsung Kies 2 untuk model perangkat lama: Supported model : Feature phone, Smart Phone/Tablet before Galaxy Note III (including Galaxy S4, Note II, etc)

Samsung Kies 3 untuk perangkat OS baruu : Smart Phone/Tablet from Galaxy Note III (Android OS 4.3 or over)

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